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St. Louis Divorce & Family Law Attorney

Former Accountant, Financial Analyst, and Law Professor

I am attorney Jeffrey A. Heater, MBA, JD. At the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Heater, P.C., I represent regular people throughout the entire St. Louis metro area.  One of the things that sets me apart is my strong financial background. Divorces and other family law cases can be extremely complicated and often look more like a difficult math problem than a court case.  Precise calculations in the areas of child support and property division (among others) are crucial to maximizing the results of your case.  Even a simple $50 error in a child support calculation for a two yr. old child will cost you approximately $10,000 by the time that child turns eighteen.  Don’t trust these important matters to an attorney who does not have an accounting background.  Please click on my bio page for more details.

I am a St Louis family law & divorce attorney who has built his practice on a commitment to personal service and attention. I work directly with my clients to find cost-effective and customized solutions that meet their goals. I believe strongly in having a close professional relationship with my clients and in always being accessible. In fact, the phone number listed on this website is my personal cell phone.

I am available to my clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I realize that it is rare for attorneys to give out this information, but I’ve learned that it’s the only effective way to serve my clients. I don’t believe people should have to wait several business days to hear back from their attorney.  Accessibility is especially important in the area of family law.  Often, the issues that arise need immediate attention.  My clients often experience traumatizing events pertaining to the custody of their children, financial misconduct by a spouse, or even domestic violence.  These kinds of serious problems need to be addressed right away, not in a few days.

You can also rest assured that, unlike a large law firm, your case will never be passed off to an inexperienced associate. I handle every case personally, from start to finish.

So please give me a call if you need legal services or just some advice.  I offer flexible payment plans, accept all major credit cards, and gladly provide evening and weekend appointments.

– Jeffrey A. Heater

Contact Us

Jeffrey A. Heater
Attorney at Law

5205 Hampton Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63109

Phone: (314) 541-7421

Fax: (314) 932-7672


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