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Monthly Archives: May 2012

DE Court Rules Heiress Cannot Adopt Ex To Gain Additional Inheritance

Delaware Supreme Court ruled Tuesday an heiress adopting her 65-year-old ex-husband as her son did not entitle the man to claim any part of a billion-dollar inheritance.

According to reports, the claim was concerning the Gore-Tex waterproof fabric fortune, which has been fought over for years. The controversy concerns how Wilbert L. Gore, founder of the company W.L. Gore & Associates Inc, and his late wife Vieve had intended to divide their fortune when they were gone. They had five children and each child had four children, except for Susan Gore who had three.

Susan Gore allegedly came up with the idea to adopt her ex-husband, Jan Otto, to help even out the fortune and have the same amount of the Gore's 26,500 shares distributed to her family as to her siblings' families.

Susan apparently adopted Otto in 2003 at age 65 in Wyoming. About a year later Otto decided he wanted to keep what shares he may obtain for himself. 

In the 37-page opinion, Chief Justice Myron Steele wrote that “The fact that Susan kept this adoption secret until Vieve died further evidences that Susan and the Otto grandchildren knew that they were acting to thwart Vieve’s intentions.”

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Delaware Supreme Court Opinion (PDF) >>>

Missing 2-Year-Old Found Safe and Unharmed In Clayton

A 2-year-old girl who was abducted from a Bridgeton motel was found safe in Clayton Monday. According to officials, Brooklyn Hunter was found with 43-year-old Albert Cory Hunter after a person notified police that the two of them were in a vehicle behind a St. Louis Bread Company in Clayton.

Hunter was arrested and Brooklyn was taken into protective custody.

Brooklyn disappeared early Sunday, May 6, from the America's Best motel, but the mother did not notify police until May 11. The mother told police she left Brooklyn and Hunter in the motel alone, but they had disappeared when she returned.

Hunter and the girl's relationship was unknown, but some reports said the mother stated he was the girl's father, but not her biological father, according to an article on stltoday.com.

The mother was in contact with Hunter throughout the disappearance, but he refused to speak with police or answer questions.

Police said Brooklyn appeared to be fine, but was taken to a hospital as a precaution.

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