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Monthly Archives: August 2012

No One Injured When Man Bulldozes House With People Inside

No one was injured Wednesday when an angry man rammed a bulldozer into a North St. Louis house with people inside it. 

Jessica Braddock, along with her 8-year-old and 13-year-old daughters were in the house at 1314 Clara Avenue at the time. Braddock said she saw a man in a bulldozer jump out just before the bulldozer hit her house.

The house has been the center of a legal battle for the past year. According to the stltoday.com, Braddock lived their with 33-year-old Damon Walker, who was her boyfriend at the time. He was shot to death in April 2010 and she stayed in the house. His brother, Jermaine Walker, sued arguing the house was part of the estate and as such, should go to Damon's parents and brother, who were named the heirs because Damon and Broddock weren't married. He won that lawsuit, but she filed suit separately and was awaiting an October court date. 

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Study: Men’s Alcohol Consumption Increased When Divorced

A study released today examining use of alcohol and relationships showed that long-term marriage can decrease the amount of alcohol men in the relationship consume, while increase the amount a woman consumes.

According to the study, a long-term realtionship was likely to help decrease a man's alcohol consumption, but slightly increases a woman's alcohol consumption.

However if a man is divorced, his alcohol consumption is "significantly greater" than his long-term married counterparts.

Woman, on the other hand, tended to consume slightly more alcohol if they were married for a long time than women with other marital statuses.

Researchers at the University of Cinncinnati studied data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study along with data from the Quality Over The Life Course Project and the Relationships and Health Habits Over The Life Course Study.

Alcohol consumption was measured by the total number of drinks consumed within a month.

Survey: Young Adults Still Optimistic About Marriage

A new survey shows despite the high rates of divorce and increasing number of babies born outside of marriage, young adults still have traditional expectations when they get married.

The survey was conducted by researchers at Clark University and involved a sample of 1029 18 to 29-year-olds from across the United States.

The poll showed 86 percent of young adults expected to get married and stay married for life. The survey also showed 73 percent of people polled believed couples should be married before having a baby together and 57 percent of people felt it was wrong to have sex with someone if the two were not emotionally connected.

Although many of the views seemed to be very traditional, 61 percent of young adults said they expect to give up some of their career goals in order to have the family life they want. Researchers found this to be the case with men as well as women.

The sample group was 51 percent male, 49 percent female and nearly 80 percent had at least a high school diploma. Twenty six percent of those surveyed were married and 30 percent already had at least one child.

Read the press release here >>>

MA High Court Cites Polygamy Law For Refusal To Grant Same-Sex Divorce

A Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled Thursday a homosexual couple couldn't get divorced because they had never legally been married.

Todd Elia-Warnken and Richard Elia had been seeking a divorce in April 2009 when during the divorce proceedings Elia discovered Elia-Warnken had entered a civil union in Vermont with another man and had never had it dissolved. The couple had originally been married in 2005.

The court, which is the highest appeals court in the state, said a civil union in Vermont was the "equivalent of marriage in the Commonwealth."

In the majority opinion, Chief Justice Roderick said a person who was in a civil union in another state must have that union dissolved prior to marrying another person in Massachusetts. The court said without the dissolution, the marriage was a form of polygamy, and therefore void, because that person was married to two people at once.

The state has long ruled that polygamy was never acceptable in any situation and for that reason, the court was unable to proceed with the divorce.

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