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Couples Therapy Helps Many With PTSD

A new study out last month showed treating a person suffering from post traumatic stress disorder along with their partner using couples therapy significantly decreased their symptoms and overall improved their relationship.

Researchers from Ryerson University in Toronto led the North American study where they studied forty couples where one partner was diagnosed with PTSD. There were two study sites: one in Toronto at Ryerson University Psychology Research and Training Centre and the other at the Department of Veterans Affairs outpatient hospital in Boston, Mass. 

Couples were asked to refrain from other couples therapy at least two months prior to the study and be in remission from any type of substance abuse as well as not have demonstrated severe psychotic behaviors.  They groups were divided into two groups of 20 couples. The first received three months of cognitive behavioral conjoint therapy for PTSD and the second group had to wait three months before beginning therapy. 

Couples were assessed at the beginning, middle and end of treatment as well as three months after completing the therapy.  Researchers discovered 81 percent of couples who received the CBCT therapy reported decreased of their PTSD symptoms while 62 percent reported a better relationship with their partner. The improvements were maintained three months after therapy had been completed. 

The Canadian Mental Health Association estimates PTSD affects one in every 10 Canadians while the National Center for PTSD estimates approximately 6.8 percent of people in the United States suffer PTSD.

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