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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Study: Marriage Benefits When Man Close With In-Laws


A new study released this month found men who have a strong relationship with their in-laws in marriage have a 20 percent greater chance of avoiding divorce than those who have a challenging relationship. 

Researchers also found, however, that the opposite was true among women. When a woman has a close relationship with her in-laws, the couple has a 20 percent increase in eventual divorce. 

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research, in a study funded by the National Institute of Health, followed nearly 400 same-race couples between the ages of 25 to 37 throughout a 26-year-period. The results are scheduled to appear in the Journal of Family Relations. 

Researchers determined that a close relationship between a man and his in-laws may help his marriage, because a woman often feels close to her parents and when her spouse is close to them, it conveys that she is treasured. However, when a woman is close with her in-laws, the woman may have trouble setting boundaries which may more easily breed resentment later on. 

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Lawsuit Challenging Benefits For Same Sex Couple Filed In MO Supreme Court

A lawsuit involving a long-time partner of a Missouri Highway state trooper killed in the line of duty was filed with the state's highest court last week.

Kelly Glossip and Dennis Engelhard has been partners for 15 years when he was killed responding to an accident on Christmas Day in 2009. If they were heterosexual, Glossip would have been entitled to an annuity of 50 percent of the employee's average salary, but was denied it since they were of the same sex.

The lawsuit was first filed in December 2010 challenging the survivor benefits policy of the Missouri Department of Transportation and Highway Employees' Retirement System. Many others from elected officials and professors filed briefs on Glossip's behalf.

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Woman Often Lose Health Insurance In A Divorce

Nearly 115,000 women lose private health insurance coverage yearly due to a divorce, according to a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan. 

The study, which will appear in the December issue of Journal of Health and Social Behavior found that women's overall rates of health insurance coverage were decreased for more than two years after a divorce. Researchers analyzed data from 1996 through 2007 on women between the ages of 26 and 64.

They determined that yearly, approximately 65,000 divorced women lose all health insurance coverage in months following a divorce and despite oftentimes having financial hardship, they often do not qualify for coverage under Medicaid or other public assistance programs. 

Women with their own employer-based coverage are less likely than women who are dependents on their husband's insurance policy to have lost coverage, but women with coverage are not completely protected because their financial situations generally change in the process. 

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Read the abstract here

Study To Focus On Increase In Child Custody Cases

Researchers are studying why the number of child custody battles in Sweden has risen by 60 percent in the past six years. 

Analysts from Lund University announced they will study at least 1,000 parents, mapping out the ethnicity and class background of the parents and plan to look at other contributing factors such as social and financial crises, cultural or religious difference, substance abuse and mental health issues. The research project is expected to be the biggest of its kind.

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