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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Adoptions On Hold From Cambodia; May Be More Difficult From South Korea

The United States Department of State issued a notice they are unable to process inter-country adoptions in Cambodia currently under the Hague Convention. 

According to their press release, Cambodia has worked to strengthen its child welfare system along with improving the integrity of both domestic and foreign adoptions, but is still lacking a fully functional Convention process in place. 

The Department of State caution that many important steps need to occur between the United States and Cambodia before adoptions may resume and no adoption service providers should initiate nor claim to initiate adoption services in Cambodia for prospective adoptive parents until those steps have been taken and they receive notice from the Department of State. 

This week, the Department of State also announced the Republic of Korea Special Adoption Act, governing South Korean adoptions, took effect last August. The new law prioritizes domestic adoptions in an attempt to reduce the number of South Korean children adopted  abroad. 

The ROK's Ministry of Health and Welfare informed the United States Embassy in Seoul that adoptions in process, but not completed by August 5, 2012 will  be subject to the new law. Adoption agencies in Seoul confirmed to the Department of State that the files of all children under last year's quota who had not received Emigration Permits prior to that date are now being sent to the Family Court for approval once the Emigration Permits are issued. 

Adoption can be an exciting, but stressful time for a family. There are many legal hoops to jump through before a child's adoption can be completed. If you are seeking to adopt a child, it is in your best interest to speak with a Missouri family attorney who can help you navigate the court system in the process. Contact us today for your free, initial consultation.

To find out the latest on international adoptions, check out the Department of State's web site >>>

Good Marriage May Contribute To Weight Problems

A happy marriage may be good for the people involved in many ways, but it may not be good on your waistline according to new research presented this week. 

The study, which followed a group of newlyweds for four years, found that the happier you are in your marriage, the more likely you would put on extra pounds. Lead researcher Andrea Meltzer, PhD and an assistant professor of psychology and at Southern Methodist University in Dallas recruited 169 couples married within the past six months and followed them over four years. The average age of the husbands was 25 and the wives was 23. 

Research was gathered on eight separate occasions over the four-year span. Researchers compensated for factors such as pregnancy, but Metzer stressed the results didn't necessarily prove a cause-and-effect link. The findings were presented recently at the Society for Personalty and Social Psychology in New Orleans.

Metzer speculated those less satisfied with their relationships may be contemplating divorce, therefore they may be trying to maintain an ideal weight in efforts to attract a new mate. 

She pointed out the overall weight gain was not great, but over time could be significant. She found a 0.12 increase in body mass index every six months on average. They did not distinguish between males and females while gathering data. The research was reported on health.usnews.com. 

If you are facing family problems that may need to be resolved in a court of law, it is important to discuss your particular situation with a Missouri family attorney. Call today for a free, immediate consultation.

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