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St. Louis Divorce Lawyer: Uncontested v. Contested Divorces

Usually when a marriage falls apart both spouses recognize the need for a divorce.  Missouri is a no-fault divorce state which means the divorce does not need to be blamed on one particular spouse or their actions.  You can dissolve the marriage without a showing of particular wrongdoing by either party or a breach of the marriage contract.  This often makes the proceedings more peaceful with less finger-pointing or blaming.  However even though the divorce may be amicable it is still important for each spouse to have their own St. Louis divorce attorney to ensure their needs are met and rights upheld.  Also the proceedings could take a turn for the worst at any time if you disagree on certain terms. If they do you want an experienced attorney representing you.

Uncontested v. Contested

The majority of divorces in Missouri are uncontested which means both parties agree to the divorce itself and to the terms of the divorce agreement.  If everyone agrees litigation is not necessary to sort out the terms and your attorney need only to file the agreement for court approval.  Though uncontested divorces can be faster and cheaper this kind of divorce may not always be in your best interest.

Contested divorces occur when one spouse contests certain terms of the divorce agreement.  Terms that are most commonly contested include:

If two spouses cannot agree on one or more of these issues the court will decide for them through litigation.  While most people want to avoid trial sometimes complicated issues require the intervention of the court.  Also you should never agree to unfair terms just to get the divorce over with and avoid court.  You have certain rights to property and custody in a divorce and you should stand up for yourself.  More importantly you should have a dedicated family law attorney representing you and the best interests of you and your children.

In any divorce situation you should consult with a St. Louis divorce attorney to discuss your case.  Even if you start off agreeing on the terms of your divorce things may turn sour as proceedings progress.  The terms of your divorce with in a way define the way you and your children live for the foreseeable future, so you want to protect yourself as much as possible.

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