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St. Louis Property Division Lawyer: Following Missouri’s Laws

Every state has its own set of marital and divorce laws.  Missouri law has very specific provisions on how property is to be divided in case of a divorce.  Determining how property should be divided can be complicate, which is why it is extremely important to have a St. Louis property division lawyer representing you throughout the entire divorce process.  Even if you and your spouse purportedly agree on division of assets you may not realize the full range of decisions that must be made and you may leave some loose ends.  Such unsettled issues can cause a court to not approve your divorce petition.  Jeffrey A. Heater is a dedicated and experienced divorce attorney who is well-versed in Missouri marital laws and can help you reach a fair agreement for your property division.

Property Division Issues in Missouri

Property to be divided includes real property such as land and homes and personal property.  Personal property can widely vary but usually includes:

  • Bank accounts
  • Other cash
  • Automobiles
  • Collectibles
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Investments and retirement accounts

Missouri is a dual-property state which means the first step is to determine whether each piece of property is marital property (property acquired by either spouse during the course of the marriage) or non-marital property (property belonging to only one spouse).  Non-marital property is not divided and includes cars or jewelry owned outright by one spouse prior to the marriage, gifts, or inheritances.

There are two main options for dividing marital property in a divorce.  Either the spouses can agree on the division or they can let a judge decide on the appropriate divisions.  Missouri is an equitable distribution state.  This means that judges will divide property in a way that is fair but necessarily equal.  The court has a number of factors they examine to determine what property division is fair and it is often not 50/50.  Some assets such as cars or houses may have to be liquidated in order to properly divide them.

Because there are many questions that have to be answered and determinations that must be made in order to divide property in accordance with Missouri law many couples do not have adequate knowledge of or familiarity with the process to divide their own property.  Each spouse should always be represented and you want to make sure you have an experienced St. Louis property division attorney on your side during a divorce.

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