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Facing Alimony Issues: Seek Legal Representation from a St. Louis Alimony Attorney

Alimony can be a tricky area in a divorce and it is best to seek out advice from an experienced St. Louis alimony attorney.

In Missouri, maintenance, also known as alimony, may be awarded to either spouse. A court must find that the spouse who is seeking alimony is lacking the assets to adequately meet his or her needs and is unable to support his or herself through appropriate employment. A St. Louis alimony attorney can fight on your behalf in order to help you establish a stable financial future.

Courts take into account factors such as education levels and the time needed to acquire adequate education for gainful employment, comparative earnings of each spouse and all financial obligations and assets of each part. They also consider factors such as how long the marriage lasted, the age and physical and emotional conditions of the spouse seeking alimony as well as conduct of the parties during the marriage.

Additionally courts consider provisions needed to be made for child support of the parent who is main or sole custodian of a child or children from the marriage.

If you are seeking alimony, Heater Law can work on helping set up a strong financial future for you and your dependents. If you are trying to negotiate alimony terms, we can work to make sure the terms are fair and provide for “reasonable” needs, but do not become extravagant.

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