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Brentwood Family Law Attorney – Who Determines Final Custody Arrangements In A Divorce

Child custody can oftentimes be the most important area defined in a divorce. When working out the terms, it is crucial you have an aggressive Brentwood family law attorney who will fight for a good arrangement that will work for you.

If the two parties in a divorce cannot agree on a custody arrangement, an experienced Brentwood family law attorney will draft a proposed parenting plan outlining what solution may work and why it is the best option. According to Missouri law, no preference is given to either parent due to a parent’s age, sex or financial status. Additionally, the age or sex of the child cannot be a factor in determining custody.

Many factors are considered in a judge’s decision to award custody. He or she will work hard to make sure the child is able to maintain a frequent and continuing relationship with both parents and that both parents are allowed the chance to meet the needs of the child.

A judge will likely take into account the relationship of the child with parents, siblings and anyone else significant in the child’s life. The court will take into account any history of abuse of anyone involved as well as the child’s wishes. They often work to keep the child in the best home, school and community for him or her.

Determining custody can be very complicated and can get messy. It is essential to have a compassionate Brentwood family law attorney who is familiar with the proceedings fighting on behalf of you and the best interests of your child. Call today for a free, initial consultation.

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