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Is Legal Separation Better For You Than Divorce?

Considering divorce but remain unsure about ending your marriage? Then, legal separation is an option to consider.

A legal separation may be advantageous in some situations, because it allows couples time apart to determine what they really want. It can give a couple that does not know if they would like to divorce a chance to try out the arrangement and see if it works for them.

A separated couple may still share medical benefits and other benefits that may be ended in a divorce. Couples may decide to legally separate if they do not have the funds to go through a divorce process. It may also be an option for couples that have religious beliefs that conflict with divorce.

If you decide on a legal separation, at least to begin with, there will be many items to iron out, much like a divorce. St. Louis divorce attorney Jeffrey Heater can help guide you through the process and your options.

Both parties need to agree on maintenance (aka alimony), child custody, child support as well as division of property. Since this may lay the groundwork for an eventual divorce, it is vital you comb through the terms of the legal separation and make sure each aspect works for you. In the instance that you and your spouse reconcile, the agreement may be voided.

If you think legal separation might be an option for you, it is crucial to speak with an experienced family law attorney who can help you draw up terms that work for you during a separation and should you decide later to seek a divorce. Call Jeffrey Heater today at 314.541.7421 for your initial consultation.

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