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Is Legal Separation Better For You Than Divorce?

Considering divorce but remain unsure about ending your marriage? Then, legal separation is an option to consider.

A legal separation may be advantageous in some situations, because it allows couples time apart to determine what they really want. It can give a couple that does not know if they would like to divorce a chance to try out the arrangement and see if it works for them.

A separated couple may still share medical benefits and other benefits that may be ended in a divorce. Couples may decide to legally separate if they do not have the funds to go through a divorce process. It may also be an option for couples that have religious beliefs that conflict with divorce.

If you decide on a legal separation, at least to begin with, there will be many items to iron out, much like a divorce. St. Louis divorce attorney Jeffrey Heater can help guide you through the process and your options.

Both parties need to agree on maintenance (aka alimony), child custody, child support as well as division of property. Since this may lay the groundwork for an eventual divorce, it is vital you comb through the terms of the legal separation and make sure each aspect works for you. In the instance that you and your spouse reconcile, the agreement may be voided.

If you think legal separation might be an option for you, it is crucial to speak with an experienced family law attorney who can help you draw up terms that work for you during a separation and should you decide later to seek a divorce. Call Jeffrey Heater today at 314.541.7421 for your initial consultation.

Clayton Family Law Attorney – Establishing Paternity Of A Child

As a Clayton family law attorney, I often see clients who haven’t established the paternity of a child in their life and they have a situation where they need to do so. In order to set up custody arrangements, visitation arrangements or child support, paternity must be established.

In Missouri, paternity is presumed in a few instances. For example, if a child’s natural mother and a man are married or have been married and a child is born either during or within 300 days after the marriage ends, the man is presumed to be the father. Paternity is also presumed if a man is obliged to pay child support, has been named the father on the birth certificate or he otherwise recorded his paternity and filed it with the Missouri Bureau of Vital Records. A Clayton family law attorney can help in this process should you need to determine paternity for a child. Continue reading

Brentwood Family Law Attorney – Who Determines Final Custody Arrangements In A Divorce

Child custody can oftentimes be the most important area defined in a divorce. When working out the terms, it is crucial you have an aggressive Brentwood family law attorney who will fight for a good arrangement that will work for you.

If the two parties in a divorce cannot agree on a custody arrangement, an experienced Brentwood family law attorney will draft a proposed parenting plan outlining what solution may work and why it is the best option. According to Missouri law, no preference is given to either parent due to a parent’s age, sex or financial status. Additionally, the age or sex of the child cannot be a factor in determining custody. Continue reading

Understanding The Divorce Process – St. Louis Divorce Attorney

If you are considering getting a divorce, it is imperative to retain the services of a St. Louis divorce attorney to help you navigate the process.

Missouri is a “no-fault” divorce state, meaning that there does not have to be a specific reason or misconduct by either party involved in order to seek a divorce. Divorces can be highly emotional and challenging for all parties involved, which is why it is important to seek the counsel of a St. Louis divorce attorney who can help you in the process. Continue reading

Understanding Prenuptial Agreements – St. Louis Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

If you are planning ton getting married, you may want to schedule a meeting to discuss prenuptial agreements with you St. Louis prenuptial agreement lawyer.

A prenuptial agreement encompasses all marriage contracts made before a marriage occurs determining what estates, real or personal, are owned by one party and would remain in their possession should a marriage be dissolved. A St. Louis prenuptial agreement lawyer can help you every step of the way. Continue reading

Understanding Child Support – St. Louis Child Support Attorney

If you are in the middle of a divorce, it is imperative to work with a St. Louis child support attorney who can help you determine the terms necessary in your case.

For anyone divorcing who has children, child support may be one of the most challenging aspects to agree upon in a settlement. Child support is money a non-custodial parent is ordered to pay regularly to help the custodial parent properly provide for their child. It is often part of a divorce settlement, but can be part of a any lawsuit where a separated couple have a child together and one persona is providing for that child. Continue reading

Facing Alimony Issues: Seek Legal Representation from a St. Louis Alimony Attorney

Alimony can be a tricky area in a divorce and it is best to seek out advice from an experienced St. Louis alimony attorney.

In Missouri, maintenance, also known as alimony, may be awarded to either spouse. A court must find that the spouse who is seeking alimony is lacking the assets to adequately meet his or her needs and is unable to support his or herself through appropriate employment. A St. Louis alimony attorney can fight on your behalf in order to help you establish a stable financial future. Continue reading

St. Louis Property Division Lawyer: Following Missouri’s Laws

Every state has its own set of marital and divorce laws.  Missouri law has very specific provisions on how property is to be divided in case of a divorce.  Determining how property should be divided can be complicate, which is why it is extremely important to have a St. Louis property division lawyer representing you throughout the entire divorce process.  Even if you and your spouse purportedly agree on division of assets you may not realize the full range of decisions that must be made and you may leave some loose ends.  Such unsettled issues can cause a court to not approve your divorce petition.  Jeffrey A. Heater is a dedicated and experienced divorce attorney who is well-versed in Missouri marital laws and can help you reach a fair agreement for your property division. Continue reading

St. Louis Prenuptial Agreement Attorney: Drafting Enforceable Prenups

Prenuptial agreements are also known as anti-nuptial agreements or premarital agreements and are often abbreviated to “prenup.”  Whatever they are called these agreements are entered into by two people who are about to marry.  The content of these agreements widely varies depending on the couple’s wishes however prenups often set out terms for spousal support or property division in the event of a future divorce.  One issue that is never allowed in prenups is child custody.  Originally courts in the United States believed that prenups corrupted marriages because they anticipated divorce from the very beginning and they would not uphold the agreements in court.  Modern courts generally recognize prenuptial agreements though courts do not always enforce the all of the provisions of the agreements.  For this reason it is imperative that you hire a St. Louis prenuptial agreement attorney to draft your agreement to ensure that it is later enforceable in court. Continue reading

St. Louis Divorce Lawyer: Uncontested v. Contested Divorces

Usually when a marriage falls apart both spouses recognize the need for a divorce.  Missouri is a no-fault divorce state which means the divorce does not need to be blamed on one particular spouse or their actions.  You can dissolve the marriage without a showing of particular wrongdoing by either party or a breach of the marriage contract.  This often makes the proceedings more peaceful with less finger-pointing or blaming.  However even though the divorce may be amicable it is still important for each spouse to have their own St. Louis divorce attorney to ensure their needs are met and rights upheld.  Also the proceedings could take a turn for the worst at any time if you disagree on certain terms. If they do you want an experienced attorney representing you. Continue reading

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