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Child Support

The courts use the "Income Shares" model for child support, meaning that the level of support is based on the combined income of both parents.  What this means is that your combined incomes will be used to determine what it costs per month to care for your child(ren).  The Missouri child support guidelines provide very specific calculations to determine what amounts you will pay or receive.  This takes a lot of the guesswork out of the child support calculation but also sometimes results in an unfair result for one parent.  Luckily, the statutes governing child support do not command the court to follow the final number if the judge feels that it is unfair.  

Some of the factors that are part of the law governing child support are:

• The financial needs and resources of the child

• The financial needs and resources of the parents

• The physical and emotional condition of the child as well as the child's educational needs

• The child's physical and legal custody arrangements

• The reasonable work-related childcare expenses of each parent

At the beginning of litigation (or soon after, depending on the county), both parents will be required to provide detailed financial information so the court can make an intelligent determination regarding child support.  It’s very important that this information is provided promptly and accurately by a qualified St Louis child support lawyer.